Lets Fix The internet

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This site was founded in the Netherlands and has nothing to do with Q
Here Q stands for unsensored Quality content created by people who want to spread truth for people who want to find the truth!

The truth is hidden between all the lies and propaganda.

But one thing is for sure the movement of Q has awakened a lot of people and these people will never sleep again this movement never stops!

Because people are tired of social media, newspapers, TV also called MSM brainwashing the people with fake news, manipulation, framing, distortion and concealment of facts.

Schools are institutions that teach people a specialty just enough to do their jobs and brainwash young people generation after generation to hate each other and themselves.

Freedom of speech is not freedom of insult!

We defend Freedom of speech But that does not mean that you can say anything here! you must not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other Qfixers.com users. If we determine that you have misbehaved, we may delete your account at any time without notice.

Always use your moral compass

So be careful and always respect other users even if you don't agree with them, we give everyone a platform to debate and Question but be critical without getting angry.

Now is the time to leave the Silicon Valley digital prisons. Now is the time to start building a new platform beyond the control of radical elites.

This is the main reason why we founded this platform.

Divide & conquer and the exploit of useful idiots

Based on skin color, origin, religion, political party or ideology, people are driven apart by the elite and set against each other and incited to slaughter each other, literally and figuratively, so that the radical elites can see everything from a safe distance.

Don't believe the government and mainstream media!
All decisions, laws and reporting are according to Agenda!
All news items have been ready for years and the reporting is going according to plan!

Don't be a useful idiot! Unite and work together for freedom, do not fight for the elite against your own people but protect each other against tyranny and slavery.